• Red Wine stain remover

    Red Wine stain remover

Chateau Spill Wijnvlek verwijderaar

The Professional Grade Emergency Stain Rescue® Formula (ESR™) is a miracle stain remover that quickly breaks down the pigments in fresh or dried wine stains.*

It works magically to remove household stains from clothing, linens, sofas or carpets - and lets you concentrate on getting on with life.

For Wine Drinkers Chateau Spill® is The One Bottle No Wine Lover Should Be Without. Perfect for wherever wine is enjoyed (and stains are not)

Chateau Spill in your shop?

The wine bottle-inspired packaging is fun, tasteful and perfect for the home or as a gift for a hostess or a hard-to-buy-for wine lover. It is demonstrably better than the existing products in the market in performance, packaging and retail velocity.

The effectiveness and small but convenient unit size makes Château Spill® a repeat purchase (a candle rather than a corkscrew...). Château Spill also works miracles on a range of other stains including Make-up, Blood, Berries etc...

The attractive 12-pack display makes an impulse, incremental revenue product on, or near, the counter.

The best red wine stain remover!

Wired Magazine has put 5 wine stain removers to the test. Chateau Spill had the best results by a wide margin.
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Wired Magazine